Earthquip - Safety

Quality Workplace Health and Safety and the Environment

Through the years Earthquip has delivered many machines and services without a formal Quality document, rather with a commitment to Quality and providing the customer with the best possible outcome.

Recently, as legislative requirements have changed, Earthquip has undertaken to document it's Quality System that has been in operation since the sale of the first machine in 1985. We understand the requirements of our customers to have a documented system in place.

Earthquip has also worked with our machine manufacturers to ensure they operate under a defined quality system and many including takeuchi, gehl, Dieci et al have gained ISO accreditation.

Likewise the Environment, Earthquip is moving to document its Environmental m anagement Sytem (EMS) to ensure we are prepared for any future legislative requirements. This process is about documenting our traditional work practises and ensuring we are current with all legislative moves and community sentiment.